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Samsung Smart TV Reviews

This site is dedicated to providing you with all the news regarding the Samsung Smart TVs – with a particular emphasis on the Samsung ES8000.

Samsung ES8000 Smart TV

The new Samsung ES8000 TV is a new super slim, super bright smart TV that has just been released by Samsung. With a dual-processor, voice and gesture recognition, camera, and “smart hub” for apps, content and search, the Samsung ES8000 “Super OLED” TV is getting a lot of attention in 2012 – with the new integration of a special chip being released every year to ensure it does not go outdated – this really is the future of home entertainment.

On the review pages we will include a quick review of each Samsung Smart TV as well as some videos, images, a list of features and also continuously updated links to the best prices you will find online. We have even provided some customer comments so that you can see what others have to say.

Here at Samsung Smart TV Reviews we hope that we can help you should you wish to read about, research or just have a look at the Samsung 8000 series. We welcome any feedback or questions that you have regarding this website, the Samsung ES8000 or any other Samsung Smart TV.

Happy Reading!

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