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Samsung Smart TV Apps, How Many?!

By | April 29, 2012

The Samsung ES 8000 has an application platform called the Smart Hub. There are thousands of Samsung Smart TV Apps available for download – some are free and some you have to pay (about 99 cents is the norm.)

A lot of the time Samsung Smart TV Apps are country specific – it depends on where you live – but there is so much available regardless of this. The List below is of the latest and most popular Samsung Smart TV Apps available in the US.

Samsung Smart TV Apps

Samsung Smart TV Apps

Hulu Plus – lets you watch you favorite TV shows anytime
Vimeo – Watch your own and others original videos with this app from Vimeo
ESPN Sports Center – Keeping you updated on games, scores and statistics.
Picasa – Share View and edit all of your favorite images with the Picasa App
You Tube – Explore all that YouTube has to offer
Pandora – your personalized radio – playing your favorite music
Accu Weather – Lets you know what’s happening with weather, weather alarms, and radar and 5 day forecasts

Hulu App

More Samsung Smart TV Apps!

Skype – Enjoy calling your friends and family in widescreen from the comfort of your living room.
MOG – More than 12 million songs at you finger tips with MOG music subscription.
EXPLORE 3D – The latest in free 3D content for movies, kids TV, music videos and documentaries
Facebook – Keep yourself connected with facebook.
USA TODAY- Keeping you up to date in real time with News from the USA and around the world
MLB.Tv – EVERY regular Baseball game – always and all the time.

Facebook App

Still More Samsung Smart TV Apps!

Netflix – Watch all your favorite TV programs and movies with unlimited membership
BlockBuster – All the latest movies that are available on BluRay and DVD – for no monthly subscription!
Texas Hold Em – You can play the computer or try your hand against real opponents!
Google Talk – Google’s chat application – use it with your gmail account
ESPN NEXT LEVEL – The Super Sports Statistics App
Twitter – Keep your twitter followers updated and see what is happening with the people you follow.

Twitter App

This list is just the beginning and the most popular for now – we certainly anticipate many more to come! Learn more about Samsung the company and Samsung Smart TV Apps

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